Lead Pastor

Travis & Heather Triplett

Travis & Heather Triplett were both born and raised in the Happy Valley community of Caldwell County.  Travis & Heather both graduated from Hibriten High school & they have one daughter, Bristol.  

In the Spring of 2018, Jesus radically changed Pastor Travis' life and brought him out of the bondage of religion & sin into a true relationship with Jesus.  After that, God began working in Pastor Travis' life to move back to Caldwell County and start ChristLife Church in Northern Caldwell County.  God gave Pastor Travis a burden & vision to birth a church that reaches the outcast, unwanted, broken, defeated, rejected people of Caldwell County and the surrounding areas.  

Through months of prayer, commitment & seeking God's direction and will, ChristLife Church was born in the Fall of 2020.  As we move forward at ChristLife Church our vision and heart is to have a church where everyone feels welcome regardless of their sin & past failures, so that everyone just like Pastor Travis can experience the true radical saving & transforming power of Jesus in their life too.  ChristLife Church exists to share the Love, Forgiveness, Grace, Mercy of Jesus through God's powerful Word and uplifting Songs so that everyone can be brought out of darkness & into the Glorious Light of Jesus!!